Steps to Becoming an Accountant

Steps to Becoming an Accountant

By David Millers

It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to become an accountant. If you decided that you would like to pursue a career as an accountant then you will need to take the flowing steps in order to accomplish your goals. Here are the following steps:

o Be honest with yourself- if you do not excel at math then it can be hard to be an accountant. If you have adequate math skills then you may want to hire a tutor to improve your overall math skills. Math skills are the foundation of being a good accountant; if you do not have a solid foundation then you will not have a strong accounting career.

o Improve your attention to detail- a good accountant needs to notice discrepancies with numbers and correct them.

o Purchase accounting software- many companies use accounting software to make their accounting process more efficient and thorough. You will need to familiarize yourself with different software packages so that you can have more employment opportunities.

o Apply to college either on campus or online- you need to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting to be hired as an accountant by any employer. You need to make sure that the college that you choose has accredited accounting courses. You need to be dedicated and work hard at your college classes.

o Get a job in the accounting field- while you are attending your college classes you might want to try and get an entry level accounting job to see if you like accounting.

o Find out what qualifications and education requirements are necessary to become an accountant in your state- every state differs on their necessary qualifications required to become an accountant.

o Take the CPA exam- this exam will help you earn your CPA certificate. Most employers prefer hiring employees who have a CPA certification.

Before you spend a lot of money on tuition and text books you need to know if being an accountant is what you want to do. Investing your time and money in trying to achieve a degree that you will never use can be quite expensive.

If you are serious about becoming an accountant then you need to spend a lot of time studying. There are many different laws and accounting practices that accountants need to learn about and follow.

If you want to be an accountant then you should follow the tips listed in this article. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to set out on your journey to become an accountant, and now you can take the next step with a accountant college course online.

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How To Start Your Career In The Jewelry Business

How To Start Your Career In The Jewelry Business

By Andy Moquin

The jewelry industry can provide exciting moments and lucrative pay. There are many fields to the business including design, goldsmith, gemologist, buyer, store manager, watchmaker, sales, and store ownership. Each has specific requirements in training and experience in order to succeed and become employable. With proper guidance and hard word work you can achieve any amount of success that you set your mind to. First, you must understand that there are many product types and you can spend a lifetime becoming an expert in one. Some of these product types include timepieces, polished diamonds, fashion jewelry, colored gemstones, bridal products, luxury items and many more. I recommend deciding which product intrigues you most and pursue a career in that product category. Choose the field that is most needed in that particular product category and then maintain a passion for what you are selling or creating, this is an important ingredient in a successful career.

Determine your Niche Field

As I said, each field has its benefits and you’ve got to determine which is going to be most beneficial to you and provide you with the lifestyle that you are looking for. Assess your skill sets and then try to match them up with the field that requires the most of what you possess. Read the chart below to identify the required skills for each career field:

Designer – Creativity, computer skills, basic jewelry making knowledge, fashion sense, math skills.

Goldsmith – Mechanical skills, hand-eye coordination, patience, detailed oriented, integrity, self-pride.

Gemologist – Math skills, organizational skills, integrity, quick learner, investigative, interest in gems.

Buyer – Eye for fashion, organizational skills, accounting skills, forecasting, management skills.

Store Manager – Sales skills, organizational skills, previous experience, effective at time management, integrity, customer service & relations, business management experience.

Watchmaker/horologist – Mechanical skills, hand-eye coordination, patience, detailed oriented, integrity, self-pride.

Salesperson – Sales skills, people skills, organizational skills, motivated, willingness to learn, knowledge of gems and goldsmithing.

Store Owner – Basic knowledge all of the above, investment capital.

Training and Education

As with any career choice, education and training is crucial to achieving success. The industry has several educational institutions that will prepare you by providing the proper knowledge of the business. I’ve always been a huge advocate of continuing education and even though I have 20 years experience in the jewelry business I’m still learning every day. I recommend a life-long effort in learning that not only includes industry specific information but also any business training and self-help that you can apply in your daily work. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a great resource for gemological training and is a must if you want to pursue the gemologist field. As a salesperson, the Accredited Jewelry Professional degree from GIA is a great start, especially if you don’t have experience. People trying to pursue a career in store management or ownership can take jewelry business management courses. Other training institutions worth mentioning are the American Gemological Society and Jewelers of America. Goldsmiths can also take jewelry making courses at GIA however there are much better schools for goldsmiths that you can attend. The most renowned jewelry making schools are The New Approach School for Jewelers and the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. These schools have specialized training for people that want to become benchmen, diamond setters, and designers.

Designers can attend GIA or the Fashion Institute of Technology to receive an in-depth education on creating jewelry designs using traditional methods or new technology like CAD-CAM. You can get examples of how custom design is performed using CAD-CAM at design your engagement ring Watch makers are one the fastest growing opportunities in the luxury products field. Mechanical Swiss watch sales in the US have grown considerably over the last 5 years and a need for qualified people that can repair them has also grown. A great resource to learn the craft of watch making is the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

If you’ve had prior sales experience then you probably have a good chance at landing a sales position however, an AJP from GIA is a shoe in. As previously mentioned, integrity is of the utmost importance in the industry especially when considering the security issues surrounding high value items. When interviewing with potential employers you should be able to demonstrate a high level of integrity and honesty to the interviewer.

Completion of jewelry educational training is certainly a good way to find a job in the jewelry business however; you don’t necessarily need it to be guaranteed a job. Sometimes showing a sincere interest in a job and a willingness to start at the bottom and spend time learning can capture the interest of an employer. As a jeweler you’ll definitely need experience or training, however even with training you’ll still have to start at the bottom and work your way up. The best advice that I can give the goldsmith candidates is to never stop learning and always seek additional training. Additional training will make you invaluable and will help you earn higher pay scales.

Promote Your Craft

Once you’ve established yourself in the industry you should act as a responsible steward to the business. Treat your position and responsibilities with the utmost respect and integrity. A jewelry purchase can be an intimidating process for the average consumer and it is our responsibility as professionals to honor the customer’s needs and educated them in the best way we know how. You should also promote the business and encourage others to become involved in the industry. Finally, take the time to share your knowledge with others as this will further promote professionalism in our business.

Andy Moquin has spent 20 years in the jewelry business buying and selling over $20,000,000 in diamonds, engagement rings and custom designed jewelry. He as traveled to Belgium and Israel to work with international diamond dealers and works as an advisor for DBC Diamonds an international consortium of diamond dealers. His experience in the jewelry business has become invaluable to consumers and business owners. He can be contacted at 716-630-7091,,, learn about diamonds.

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Selling Your Receivables for Quick Cash

Selling Your Receivables for Quick Cash

By Barney Creen

Many suppliers and retailers are small-size businesses, and they usually carry heavy cash burden due to the scarcity of conventional loans or lines of credit. Furthermore, most of these small businesses usually accept their customers’ request to provide lengthy payment terms. It significantly affects these businesses’ cash reserves, and they are forced to take out whatever little funds available to meet the operational expenses. This fund could otherwise have been used for growth or hiring. However, you may have a significant number of invoices against which customers’ payments are due. These invoices or receivables can be quickly converted into cash through invoice factoring service.

In the current economic scenario, over 70 percent of small businesses are giving their clients extensions on payment terms, even though it aggravates cash crunch for their business. It has been observed through a recent survey that almost a quarter of small business owners feel anxious to make collection calls, even when payment terms go beyond 30, 45, or 60 days etc. Many of these entrepreneurs have even considered closing their businesses due to severe cash crunch of working capital. To resolve this situation, business owners need to think beyond the traditional lending from banks and consider A/R financing or factoring to meet their cash flow needs.quick cash

Small and mid-sized business owners can avail services of a factoring company that will buy their invoices and provide immediate funds as an advance. Usually, the amount of advance paid ranges between 40% and 90% of the invoice value. A factoring company pays on the basis of:

1) Aging of the invoices;

2) Number of invoices to be used for factoring, and

3) Credit worthiness of your customers.

After the factoring company pays you the initial amount or advance, it will subsequently collect the same amount from your customer. Thereafter, the company will pay the remainder of the funding after deducting a discount fee (typically between 2.5% and 7.0%).

Invoice factoring service is becoming increasingly popular among small and medium businesses. One of the primary reasons why businesses incur significant debt is because their customers want extended payment terms beyond 15, 30 or 45 days. It puts additional liability on having a regular cash flow and meeting payroll commitments. Receiving funds through factoring services revive cash flow into a business and fulfills short term business obligations.

Following are the benefits of A/R factoring:

1.Getting Quick Finance

Invoice factoring is a quick way of getting funds that are being used by businesses experiencing a cash crunch.

2.Using up working capital for business growth

Most of the businesses have large amounts of their working capital tied up in inventory. A/R financing allows them to free up the working capital and use it for business growth.

3.Passing off the collection responsibility

The factoring company takes up the responsibility of collecting invoice amounts from your customers. It saves you time and effort to follow up on payments, and you can focus on more productive activities.

If you need urgent cash for your business without taking up additional liabilities, then A/R financing could be a viable option for you as an alternative source of business financing.

I have experience in writing on accounts receivable financing, also known as spot factoring. My write-ups typically explain how invoice factoring service is a viable funding option for small businesses.

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A Skin Care School Can Lead to an Exciting Career As an Esthetician Or Dermatologist

A Skin Care School Can Lead to an Exciting Career As an Esthetician Or Dermatologist

A Skin Care School Can Lead to an Exciting Career As an Esthetician Or Dermatologist
By Louis Zhang

Lots of people know what they want to do when they grow up, and lots of people don’t think about becoming an esthetician when they grow up. Learning about skin care and how to take care of your skin is a valuable skill. You can learn how to make sure that you have healthy skin, as well as treating other people’s skin. It’s an important skill and practice that is growing around the nation, that is high in demand and always important to have around. If you find this kind of field interesting, then you can always also look at becoming a dermatologist. It’s a great field to look into, and a lot of people have had, and still have, successful and beautiful careers working as an esthetician. Look into a Skin Care School today for your start!

At these kinds of schools and courses, you have lots of options available and a great career ahead of you. It is a great way to ensure your future, and you can work at a large number of different places. Working as an esthetician is a rewarding job, and looking for skin care schools or esthetician training near you is fairly simple. There are lots of different things that you can learn, and you will learn. Different tools, tricks, tips, and basic foundations of the skin and of the trade will be taught to you in professional ways. After going to a Skin Care School, you will have the knowledge and experience to take care of your own skin, as well as getting paid to look after other peoples skin issues.

Going to a Skin Care School is easy, and there are hundreds and even thousands of different campuses across the country where you can get your certifications. It is not as financially pounding as other schools, and you can make sure you kick start a great career. Anyone can be an esthetician, and with perseverance, you can have a wonderful career. This pursuit of knowledge is not as selective as other careers, and with skin care you can learn to specify your knowledge and branch out in the business world. While becoming an esthetician or dermatologist are both great career moves, you will still need to look into it before anything can occur.

Take a look at [] to find out more about skin care school [] programs available near you and start your process of becoming successful in your career of choice.

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Educational Tours, The Benefits

For many, the main point of joining educational trips is to get away from school and travel. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are other benefits to joining tours apart from traveling and visiting some tourist spots.

Educational vacations aren’t regularly those that cover great distances. Taking educational trips are done to gain knowledge, but you don’t have to go extremely far to get that. Most of the time, an educational trip can be done in your own town.

Historic locations and museums are regularly on top of the checklists of the places visited during an educational tour. The purpose of these educational trips is to help you learn more about your own community – or even your own country – better. Every area, every country has a colorful history that helped built it to where it is right now, and what better way to learn more about a city, a state or an entire country than to delve into its rich past and vibrant culture?

If you did happen to visit another country, it is encouraged that you learn about their ways first and foremost. Other countries have different customs, follow different beliefs and may even have a different perspective on some of the common day-to-day acts, and you need to be aware of these to lessen the risk of offending your hosts.

Likewise, when you go on an educational trip, it is likely that you will get the chance to socialize with the members of the community. Students are urged to talk to locals and gain learning from them. When students talk with community members, they get to understand the community’s way of life and also their values. The phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” is a very helpful skill to possess, but sadly not many travelers follow it.

There are thousands of people who wish to travel, and an educational trip is an excellent way to fulfill that dream. Traveling opens brand new doors and also opportunities; it leaves you yearning to discover more. Cultures are many and also extensively various, and traveling is a good way to understand cultures of different countries.

Traveling in groups, such as with other students, is safer and easier on the pocket than traveling alone. If you are with a group, chances are you can stay in one area and get discounts that you would not get if you are traveling by yourself. Traveling can even be more fun, not to mention budget-friendly, when you are with other people on an academic trip.

Traveling abroad for a month takes effort, will make you appreciate your country even more and makes you see your own nation in a different light. The advantages of an academic trip are all significant, but more importantly, it generates a sense of nationalism in a person.

A school isn’t an area where they teach you the answers to life’s mysteries – it is a place where you are taught to ask the questions and find the answers by yourself. In this regard, educational trips are very useful. Why? When you’re on a trip, you’ll learn that you are not the only one who wants to gain more knowledge, and who knows, the people you met could also help you get the answers you seek.

Finding The Best Education Opportunities Online

Improvements in the technology have resulted in a situation where students have to achieve a degree in a focused field to secure a very high-paying job. Let’s have a look at a number of the things to take into consideration when looking for the best place to get your training and certification.

When researching about a college, one of the key things to look for is its graduates. A lot of educational institutions have data on their website that mentions graduates who are successfully hired after getting their diplomas. Remember that individuals who graduated with the best GPA are actually the first people who will get an excellent job after graduation.

Another important note is that majority of students may require some form of financial aid to help them obtain a college degree. Because of the Internet, a number of scholastic institutions offer majority of their courses online. In addition, there are some institutions that have scholarships available to those students who fulfill the criteria. Talk to an expert about exactly what financial aid is readily available as well as how you can obtain acceptance.

Some fields need a certain number of hours working in a lab or training in an associated establishment. Before delving into the course, make sure to ask if it has an internship requirement and which establishments offer training. You can also inquire if you can tour the establishments to learn more about their internship programs.

In addition to internship hours, there are also circumstances that include testing and interview, where a student is chosen by a panel of instructors. For these events, majority of online universities and colleges will ask for virtual interviews, while in some cases, you may be asked to turn up personally. Ask if you need to prepare anything ahead of the interview and what these institutions look for in a student.

It is possible to get an online degree in pretty much any type of field of study you want. A lot of colleges, educational institutions and also trade universities have online courses that are available online to help you get the degree you want. You may want to ask your friends and family members if they know anyone who has actually gotten a degree online, and also what schools they went to, to help you in deciding which one is the right choice for you.

Culinary Training Online

For many culinary arts students, the key to opening the doors to employment in the business of hotels and restaurants is not just about being able to cook. While food preparation is the key focus of culinary education, students are also encouraged to learn the other aspects of culinary arts, such as catering or managing hotels and restaurants. Here are some of the options online culinary arts institutions are offering:

1. There is an online cooking class that teaches students about food research. The curriculum concentrates on mastering food preparation and presentation. This class is completed using a syllabus on international cuisine, baking techniques and cooking methods, while also teaching students the proper cooking guidelines so they can function in a kitchen space. This class is available at certification levels and even as an undergraduate degree. Those who finish chef training can become a sous chef or a chef.

2. A lot of functions and events need buffets or different courses to be served, and these are the instances that specifically call for the expertise of food caterers. In these modern times, there are online institutions that offer certificates and associate degree programs on food catering to students. The online training program concentrates on identifying all sorts of food items and their accompanying sauces. This course makes it possible for potential food caterers to learn how to serve the food in buffet style or directly to the visitors. In addition, students are also trained on menu design and reception management. This will teach students how to deal with dining establishments and also set up food of occasions such as wedding receptions and company conferences.

3. Culinary arts schools also train students to qualify as hotel and restaurant managers. This particular course centers more on training pupils how to turn into wonderful managers. Subjects may include accounting, liquor handling and also financial management. Students can qualify as hotel and restaurant supervisors after earning a degree or even an associate’s degree. With this course, students learn the best ways to multitask in an unforeseeable atmosphere, such as supervising the kitchen and the restaurant area at the same time. After taking this course, students will display the knowledge of operating a hotel, a restaurant, or even both on a day-to-day basis.

The possibilities readily available for students to learn the profession of culinary arts are actually huge. Nowadays, there are online courses that will help students fulfill their passion and get their careers started.

Musical Options and Training In The Twin Cities’ Area

There is no music field without music schools, such as the Minneapolis music universities, whose goals are to teach rising performers a wide array of skills needed to make the industry even more vibrant. In Minneapolis, the love of music is mixed with modern teaching methods to increase the employment opportunities of the graduates.

The Midwest has an experimental attitude toward music, and this attitude has paved the way to thousands of new songs. For instance, the schools in urban areas, such as the University of Michigan, teach students to create new sounds that possess national or even international appeal.

Exactly what is Minneapolis’ secret in cultivating music successfully? To put it simply, adjusting to modern times. Minneapolis has consistently established itself as a microcosm of the much larger business that is music-intensive. Before, employment in the music business are varied. There’s one for sound engineering, for marketing, etc. However, this setup was lost with the revolution of online multimedia, and it has ultimately fallen prey to the attacks of pirated songs as well as digital downloading. Therefore, jobs today are no longer that diversified.

That being said, it should be noted that lots of new music artists nowadays have to do these different tasks themselves. For instance, a musician must also know the basics in advertising, sound engineering, business management and even troubleshooting, too. Currently, several popular music companies have a more compact team of folks, which means that even though you are a singer, you will still need to have plenty of skills up on your sleeves.

Luckily, Minneapolis music schools have met the need to educate musical talents with new skills, and also other universities are beginning to follow their lead. Such is mostly apparent in what is now known as the Musicians Technical Exercise Facility, previously called McNally Johnson. Courses in these schools incorporate lessons on performance, audio and also the business side of the field.

The MacPhail Center for Music, while known for its even more vintage strategy, partners with youngsters and also grownups to create music talents, teaches songs handling, as well as maintains ensembles. Lastly, there is the IPR that instructs a blend of music theory, song technician and mixed media manufacturing, putting its emphasis on the fun and development edge of the music sector.

Do not forget that there are actually additionally larger institutions, like the Educational Institution of Minnesota, which teaches a number of different courses in music, such as coaching, electronic tunes, and conducting. Through the Minneapolis music universities, a lot of options have opened to music students to have work even in today’s digital world.

Getting An MBA

Students who want to work in a company now have a number of academic options to choose from. Business schools will teach students on different expertise, especially that of business management, to help them get ready for the professional arena. While this sounds exciting, sorting through the different choices can be overwhelming and frustrating, but don’t fret, here are some tips when selecting which course to take.

Universities and other academic institutions offer training – like MBA courses – to help students prepare for a company employment. Among the things taught in business schools are communication, business operation and expertise in assisting personnel. By getting an MBA, students have a chance to become a leader in their workplace.


Pursuing an MBA program will teach students all the ins and outs of a company. This will help them develop the needed managerial approaches to take care of the demanding work environment. In this course, students will lean systematic techniques needed to determine and resolve organizational issues. MBA courses supply solid approaches on how to deal with, establish, as well as inspire staff members. Students tackle all important areas that impact the management job, such as company rules, advertising and even marketing.

MBA in Financial Affairs

This study is concentrated on supplying students with the capabilities to handle company funds. There are exercises designed to instruct students how to start financial investments and also manage the financial side of a business. This study is tailored toward discovering how to balance finances, work out budget plans, and increase the financial values of a company. A course on financial affairs trains students to take care of the finances inside the business by carrying out smart investments.

MBA in International Business

In today’s company, operating internationally is no longer an unheard of idea, but still, teaming up with people in other countries can have a huge impact in the effectiveness of a company. Undertaking a global business course shows students ways to work in an international setting and the modern troubles that need to be tackled if you want to direct a productive business investment. Students can expect to discover the best ways to apply finance, advertising, and also control tactics inside the global economic climate. Training courses concentrate on being aware of international business, financial and also professional devices to adequately team up with foreign companies.

These three alternatives simply compose a few of the possibilities students could choose when applying for an MBA degree. Other focus areas also include:

Advertising and marketing
Task Control
Modern technology Management
HR Management

Before making any plans, students must bear in mind that MBA programs require them to actually possess a bachelor’s degree. Customarily, most students finish an undergraduate’s level in business before undertaking an MBA. A professional’s degree program can be completed in two years, giving students the confidence to enter the workplace ready to take on all management roles.

Naturopathic Career and Training Options

Completing a course from a naturopathic university will help you become an expert in the business of alternative healing. A lot of recognized naturopathic universities have courses to help you plan for the profession that you want.

Educational training that are offered via recognized naturopathic schools and colleges will aid you in choosing which degree and industry that you want to get into. You can pick from specialized places of study, like Ayurveda, back rub therapy, chiropractic cares, reflexology, Herbology, and many more. Naturopathic courses also have undergraduate and master degrees, while in some cases, a doctorate level is required to be a naturopathic specialist.

After completing a course, you may opt to work as a massage therapist, reflexologist, acupuncturist or holistic therapist. Aside from these occupations, there are still a lot of naturopathic works that are available.

To get your degree, you must first register in an accredited naturopathic program. The coursework and training will vary on the program that you choose. The course will also contain topics that will help you understand alternative medicine, anatomy, nourishment, hypnotherapy, regular medicine and spiritual health. There are also courses on hydrotherapy exercise, power clogs, Oriental medication, acupressure and many others.

After getting a diploma in naturopathics, you are now ready to pursue a successful line of work, be it in medical facilities, centers, health spas or several other businesses.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (, as well as various other organizations are allowed to entirely accredit premium educational programs. The certification is an academic establishment’s proof that you will secure the very best training to help you get started on your desired career. Accredited naturopathic institutions and colleges will provide you the opportunity to gain different skills that could be used in the business of healing. Start the process by registering in a program today.